Experience your life from within

Self-care, managed with mind-body skills, can help you navigate each day with more ease

It’s in your nature to feel whole, healthy, and radiant

Hi. I’m Rebecca

As a health and wellness expert, my aim is to meet people where they’re at, understand where they want to go, and provide the resources, encouragement, and tools necessary to get there.

I’ll work with you where you’re at….

to get where you want to go…

While becoming who you are.

Integrative Health Coaching

Partnering with individuals and small groups to optimize physical, mental and emotional well-being. I specialize in teaching mind-body skills which promote long-lasting change through cultivating a strong sense of inner wisdom.

Your optimal health and well-being are dependent on many factors including your environment, family genetics, ingrained habits, and personal preferences. Integrative health coaching serves to treat the whole person, acknowledging the interdependent roles of mind, body and spirit, and the innate healing capacity within each of us.

In treating the whole person, I use a multi-faceted approach employing a variety of mind-body skills such as meditation, journaling, mindful eating and movement, and other science-based skills. Practicing these techniques cultivate a profound self-awareness, and deepen one’s sense of inner wisdom.

Experiencing your life from within

provides the seeds of awareness that enable transformation of the experience of your life in the outer world: feeling resilient in the face of difficult times, empowering significant lifestyle change, and bringing more joy and meaning in everyday life.

Your inner health and your outer self are directly related.

What steps can you take right now

that will influence how you want to feel…


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